During the pandemic, rice fields and poultry farms are the most reliable lifesavers for my family.

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During the pandemics, millions of people have lost their jobs. International Labour Organization (ILO) mentions that in 2020, we lost global working hours equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs. That is approximately four times greater than during the global financial crisis in 2009.

Those undesirable accidents were spreading among any business. Accommodation and food service activities, as the highest risked, were lost by 30% working hours. On the other hand, the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sectors are low threatened by losing 3% working hours.

My family and I experienced it ourselves. My family has been running businesses in retail, construction…

I do love writing, but is it worth it to spend most of my time there?

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It has been a while since I contribute to Medium and post several pieces of writing on LinkedIn. Many people start to respond with comments, likes, or even just views. There was also a suggestion to try becoming a full-time writer. I am delighted that people recognized my writing, but I never think that I will be a full-time writer one day.

Before writing, I had a dream to make an impactful movement for society, a big enough impact to make it a legend. Whenever an idea to become a full-time writer popped up, I asked myself these questions:


I learned Simon Sinek’s way to being more innovative as a dumb

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Do you ever feel become the dumbest person on a team?
I felt it so often. I didn’t know what the team or the class discussed.

However, I denied it almost all the time. In my case, I was holding my pride too high that I did not want to be looked like someone with less knowledge.

When I was assigned as Management Trainee of a Big Company years ago, I have high expectations of conducting many idealist concepts into my workplace. …

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Around six months working in a start-up company have been a fascinating moment for me. I meet hustle moments and new problems almost every day, even on holiday. It makes me push myself to the limit and learning a lot of new things simultaneously.

There was a moment where my physical condition could not keep up the pace. I often get sleepy on a day, including when I drive. I was aware of how dangerous it was. So, I increase the caffeine intake in my body by drink more coffee or tea.

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Your boss is either your greatest ally or your worst enemy at work. You choose which based on your relationship — careerattraction

Whatever the case, I will make my leader be my ally. Though, we have so many differences in the perspective or even how to solve a problem. I never had an idea to be an enemy of him/her.

It doesn’t mean that I will be a “Yes Man.” As a subordinate, I have also been fighting my superiors a hundred times in a good way. That implied that I do care about my organization. …

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You know how to play kites, don’t you?
If you want to win, decide when you must strengthen or loosen the string. You must learn when is the time to attack or turn around too.

That was clear advice from one of my most outstanding mentors when I asked him how to communicate with my team members without micromanaging effectively.

Today is not my first time leading a team with more than 20 people. Since my university day, my team has already trusted me to teach more people in laboratories as course tutors. Then, in my previous job I was…

Defect of Agricultural Product by Canva

Have you ever asked why fresh products are highly valued in the market? Is that really that expensive from the start?

Don’t you get suspicious if fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at a high price? Why aren’t the farmers getting rich?

Unfortunately, most of our farmers are not economically prosperous for generations.

Does it mean that farmers are getting bribed by another party?
Hmm.. partially yes. Some middlemen took advantages by monopolizing the supply to get the farmer's low prices and then sell it much higher in the market.

But, that case is no longer a big problem in…

My story of how I developed more meaningful communication in the workplace.

One on one sessions illustration (pict : canva)
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Failing to communicate at any kind of level can be catastrophic. For example, Nokia’s fell out was partially caused by ineffective communications.

“Habits of communication that favour unfocused discussions about strategy over clear plans to bring new phone models to market” (source: trainingjurnal)

To avoid the same mistake, most companies try to solve the problem before it really happened. Communication failure can be avoided by understanding each other, and One on one session is one of the simplest solutions.

One-on-one sessions are mandatory to process in my company during annual employee appraisal. In my occupation as a Lead, I am…

How communication solves many problems.

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Problem-solving is definitely the goal of any organizations in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a tiny organization, team, or even multi-national company. The very reason you exist must be solving problems.

However, there are many cases when a simple problem becomes an unsolved bigger problem just because it is not well communicated through all team members.

Can you imagine how stressful it is for a boyfriend when he asks what happened to his girlfriend, and she said “no problem”? What if that boyfriend chooses not to take any action? …

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It has been several months since I decided to take a new job, and everything changed dramatically.

I have many targets in my career that I want to accomplish, spending more time to work, even on holiday. My wife had similar conditions. She is in a tight state, where all her best efforts and attention are needed.

As a result, we have less time to spend together, and of course, there was less communication between us. There was a moment when we have no chat or phone call in a day. …

Ade Iftahaq

Industrial Engineer at Agri-Tech Start-Up | Husband & Father | www.linkedin.com/in/iftahaq

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